What cake flavor should I choose for my wedding cake?

While planning your wedding, when it comes to cake, you get to choose not only the design, but also the flavor, so a cake tasting should be one of the most exciting experiences in the planning process for both of you. Because, of course, cake is involved. Here, at Dulcerella, we offer 4 flavors of choice at the cake tasting.

One of the frequent asked questions when scheduling a cake tasting is: “What flavors are the most popular?” While I can make a list with some of the most popular flavors, what you choose should be your personal preference. And in this case, like in other choices you will make, it is best to go by exclusion rather than inclusion principle. For example, if you are not a “lemon” person, you can exclude lemon flavor from start, you don’t have to convince yourself to like lemon.

So, start with what appeals the most to you. If you would go to an ice cream shop, what flavor would be most attractive to you? Choose those flavors, then add to one exotic or unusual flavor.

While in 2021 lemon cake and lemon combinations, like lemon coconut cake with white chocolate buttercream took first stage, in the beginning of 2022, red velvet cake and the DeLuxe Signature Combination “One night in Idaho” were some of the most popular choices. See the complete list with flavors here.

One night in Idaho. Photo Jacque Sudbrock Photography

“One night in Idaho”, a combination of soft almond cake with almond vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream and huckleberry filling was inspired by one of the 2021 weddings and introduced as a flavor for 2022 wedding season.

“From Chicago, with love” is one of Dulcerella’s oldest signature combinations, and it gets it’s name from Dulcerella’s beginning in Chicago. Double chocolate cake with white chocolate buttercream and pieces of fresh raspberries.

“Let’s toast to it” combines Dulcerella’s Champagne cake with Champagne buttercream and strawberry Swiss meringue buttercream(very good strawberry flavor, btw). With real Champagne in the cake and in the buttercream, this combination is a sure winner!

“Afternoon in Paris” resembles Nutella crepes in Paris (as one of Dulcerella’s customers noted), and is on a richer side of flavors. If you like chocolate and Nutella, you will sure like this one. Many past customers loved it, and came back for it for birthday cakes.

“It’s all Turkish to me” has a very exotic Middle Eastern inspiration, with hints of cardamom, like any good Turkish coffee and rose water and real walnut pralines resembling Turkish delight. One of Dulcerella’s favorites!

Other popular combinations:

  • Lemon coconut cake with white chocolate buttercream
  • Lemon cake with blueberry buttercream
  • Almond cake with strawberry buttercream
  • Marble cake with hazelnut pralines buttercream
  • Chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream

From Chicago, with love. Photo Anna Perevetaylo Photography