Wedding Cake Planning: Final Month Checklist

It’s your wedding day, and it’s almost here! As the time is drawing close, we put together a checklist to help you finalize the details. You might’ve already planned it all, but it is worth checking to see if you didn’t forget something. We’re here to help your big day go smoothly. At least, as far as wedding cake goes!

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Choose a cake stand

This is the most frequently asked question before the wedding: how do I choose a cake stand for my cake? We are happy to help! The size of the cake stand depends on the size of your cake/cake board the cake will be on. Ask your wedding cake provider the size of the cake stand you will need. Many cake stands sold in stores have a plate shape or a “lip”/rim around the edges. Choose a cake stand that has a flat top and it can support the weight of the cake. We have a short video for you to help visualize it.

If you have a dessert table, you will need more platters and trays, as a rough ballpark figure is 1 platter/tray for every 25 pieces of dessert.

Plan where the cake table/dessert table will be set up

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The cake or dessert table (if separate) should be close to the head table and easy accessible for the guests. Keep in mind to leave some space behind the table for easy access when cutting the cake. This way, you will face your photographer and your guests will be able to see you also.

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Plan who will slice/portion your wedding cake

Your wedding cake vendor is of the vendors that will not stay after delivering the cake, and they will not be there to portion the cake. Usually the caterer can/will portion it, however it is good to double check with them, as they might offer this as a separate service. At Dulcerella Cakes, we provide a Cake Cutting guide at delivery, so anyone that helps you (mom, aunt, maid of honor) might be able to do it.

Add cake servings if needed

At this time you probably have all or most of the RSVP’s and a final count of your guests. If your guest count is higher than the portions you ordered, this is the perfect time to contact your wedding cake vendor to add more portions.

Who will be in charge of flowers for the cake

Fresh flowers are the most popular wedding cake decoration. However, most of the commercially grown flowers are not food safe because of the pesticides used, so it is a good idea to not let your florist stick unsealed flowers into the cake. If this detail wasn’t discussed with your baker and your florist, discuss it now. Here at Dulcerella Cakes, we either provide the flowers ourselves, or we get the flowers delivered the day before. You can read more about fresh flowers on the cake here.

Update timeline with your wedding cake vendor

Most of the time the contracts are finalized months in advance, and plans can change. If you are working with a wedding planner, they will take care of contacting your vendors in case of changes in the timeline. If you don’t have a wedding planner, you’ll need to update your vendors on the new timeline.

Finalize all the payments in the contract

As all payments have to be made before the wedding, check the contracts to make sure all the final payments are made when they are due.

Designate a person to save you some of the cake/dessert

The wedding day will move very fast for the bride and groom: first look, pictures, ceremony, entrance, speeches, cake cutting, first dance, talking with all your guests. After hearing back from some of my wedding cake customers, they did not have any cake/dessert besides the slice they cut at the cake cutting. Have your wedding planner/caterer/mom/aunt/maid of honor make a plate for the two of you and set it aside for you to enjoy later. Plan it ahead the wedding day, so it is not overlooked.

If you are planning your wedding in Boise, McCall or SunValley, Idaho area, we would love to hear from you.