Wedding Planning: How to Create Your Dessert Table

When it comes to wedding desserts, there is more to it than the traditional cake alone. Keep the cutting cake for yourselves and the wedding party and add a dessert table. This is a great way to give different options to your guests and it can be enjoyed thru the night. A quick grab between songs will keep the party going and it will satisfy every sweet tooth.

To help you plan, we put together the answers to the most frequent questions related to a dessert table.

Dessert table by Dulcerella. Photography Yelena Tsioma Photography

How much dessert do I need?

If serving only cake, you can count one slice of cake per guests. However, when you have a variety of delicious options, guests will like to try more. We recommend counting 2-3 pieces of dessert per guest.

Styled dessert table with desserts by Dulcerella. Photography Quincy’s Photos

How big of a table do I need?

Depending on the number of guests and of course, the number of desserts you will have, consider a larger table rather than a small one, at least a 8′ rectangular table. Dressing the table with blooms, greenery and/or lights will make the dessert table the hit of the party and the place where the guests will hang out the most.

Macaron tower and chocolate covered strawberries. Photography Maija Karin Photography

Where should I place the dessert table?

While your wedding planner or event coordinator will help you with the space planning, we recommend a spot where the table is visible by the guests and visible from the dance floor. For outdoor weddings, make sure you choose a shaded spot, out of the sun.

Dulcerella’s macarons and cake pops. Photography Karli and David Photography

Do I need platters and dessert stands?

We believe that the cake stands can add elegance and finesse to make the dessert table a focal point. You can start with a cake stand for your cake and coordinate the rest of the platters and stands. Choose the color (white, clear, gold, wood), and have different heights and shapes stands and platters in the same color. We recommend as a rule of thumb one platter for every 25 pieces of dessert.

Dessert menu next to Dulcerella’s macarons. Photography Lion Lady Photo

Should I add a menu?

A menu or labels in the same style as your stationery will be a great addition to the dessert table, informing your guests of different flavors. Check with your stationery vendor and ask them to make it for you. If you’re a DIY bride, this can be another fun project before the wedding.

Dulcerella’s gold cake pops. Photography Anna Perevetaylo Photography

Can I get dessert from different bakeries?

We highly discourage having different bakers providing desserts. Not only you will have extra delivery fees, but also some bakers have terms and conditions that don’t allow for this. Check with your baker or the bakeries you like for the desserts they have and for their terms and conditions.

Dulcerella’s chocolate and caramel cake shooters. Photography Bramble and Vine Photography
Dulcerella’s cupcakes, mini fruit tarts, pink cake pops and chocolate covered strawberries.

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