Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

I am located in Caldwell, Idaho, close to Middleton. I work by appointment only, this is not a storefront.

How much does a cake cost?

As each cake is customized based on number of servings and design, I do not have a price list. The smallest cake I make serves up to 20 people and starts at $100. Find starting prices and more details here.

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Do you offer cake tastings?

Yes! Cake tastings are available for weddings and they are by appointment. The tasting is in person only and includes 3 different flavor combinations of choice from my list. The tasting fee is $30.

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Do you deliver?

Delivery is available upon request, and recommended especially for weddings. It is charged by mileage.

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Do you offer gluten free options?

As of right now I do not offer any gluten free or allergen free options. The French macarons are naturally gluten free, however my kitchen is not allergen free.

Do you offer options for dessert bar?

Yes. Besides cakes I offer cupcakes, cake pops, cake shooters, macarons, mini fruit tarts and chocolate covered strawberries.

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How far in advance do I need to book my order?

As I work all by order, I need at least two weeks notice for an order, however this is subject to availability and size of order. A custom cake often require ingredients/elements that need to be ordered or prepared in advance. Also, as weddings book months in advance, dates fill far in advance.

For weddings, in order to save the date and secure delivery time, it is best to book as far in advance as possible, as soon as you have your date, venue and a rough number of guests.
In wedding season I try to accomodate as many birthdays/smaller orders as possible, so the sooner the notice, the better.

I saw a picture of a 3 tiers cake, can I have that for 15 guests?

The smallest 3 tiers cake I make serves up to 55 people. If you like a bigger tiered cake and you don’t need that many servings, I can adapt designs to include more elements in smaller cakes. Contact me directly for more details and questions.

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Can you make the cake and the florist will add the flowers?

As I am the cake designer and also I am assuming liability for the cakes that I make, I am the only person that adds flowers or decorations to the cake. Fresh flowers have pesticides and some are even toxic, so they need to be prepared in order to be added to the cake. If your florist is providing the flowers for the cake, I would gladly work with him/her to get the flowers in advance and prepare it for the cake.

Can we get a small cake from you and serve sheet cake from the grocery store?

Unfortunately, no. It’s about protecting our brand and when a guest asks, “where does the cake come from?” and you say Dulcerella, we want to make sure there is no confusion on that. We use only the highest quality ingredients, bake from scratch, and we feel that your guests will know the difference between great cake and cheap cake. We can’t control cake being baked anywhere else. We are so sorry. Again, we understand trying to save money but we must be very protective of our brand. We want everyone to eat great cake!

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I want a detailed cake, but I don’t like fondant. Can you do it?

It depends on the design. Certain designs I can make in fondant only.

All my cakes are finished and iced in buttercream, and all my cakes taste the same, regadless of the finishing. The fondant is added on top of the buttercream, like a covering. 

I make my own marshmallow fondant, and I highly recommend it for certain designs, a bright white color, a deep color and textures.

Can I have my cake mostly styrofoam and only one tier real cake?

I don’t work with styrofoam for orders . Depending on the number of servings you need and the design you like, I would be happy to give you different options.

I work with styrofoam only on display cakes for storage purposes. 

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