Cupcakes and desserts


Our cupcakes start at $36/dozen for basic design. Minimum 2 dozen/flavor, with $100 minimum order.

Available in these flavors:

vanilla cupcake or chocolate cupcake with choice of topping: vanilla, chocolate, white chocolate, strawberries, blueberries, raspberry

red velvet cupcakes with white chocolate cream cheese buttercream

lemon cupcakes with choice of topping: lemon, strawberry, raspberry, blueberries

carrot cupcakes with white chocolate buttercream

Custom edible decorations are available upon request, price depends on the design.

Cake Pops

Our cake pops are made out of our delicious cake mixed with buttercream, hand rolled and dipped in candy coating.

They are available in round shapes only and in these flavors: vanilla, chocolate, lemon or red velvet.

The cake pops start at $48/dozen for basic design, for more elaborate designs the price varies depending on the design. 

Minimum 2 dozen/flavor, with $100 minimum order.

French Macarons

A French macaron is a delicate European cookie, consisting of 2 meringue and almond flour cookies paired together with a flavorful filling.

They are different than a coconut macaroon, and as one of my customers described them, they are a “chewy, slightly crisp and flavorful goodness”.

The French Macarons are available in these flavors:
salted caramel
white chocolate mocha
rose water raspberry
passion fruit
hazelnut praline

They come in batches of  24 pieces for $54, one flavor, one color, no mix and match. Gold accent is available for an additional charge.
Minimum 2 dozen/flavor, with $100 minimum order.

Cake Shooters

The shooters are a very elegant addition to dessert tables and include the serving fork.

Popular flavors:

vanilla strawberry
chocolate caramel
red velvet

The cake shooters come in batches of 36 pieces for $126.

Mini fruit tarts

Flaky homemade crust filled with  Vanilla, Chocolate or Lemon and topped with mixed berries.

They come in batches of 24 pcs for $96.

Minimum 2 dozen/flavor, with $100 minimum order.

Chocolate covered Strawberries

Delicious strawberries covered in chocolate or colored candy melts. 

They come in batches of 24 pcs for $72.
(forks included)

Minimum 2 dozen/flavor(color), with $100 minimum order.