2024 Wedding Cake Trends

One of the most popular wedding traditions, the wedding cake, went thru many changes in shape and flavors during the years. In the era of social media and rapid information exchange, the trends are changing even faster. In this post we will share some of the trends that we see rising in 2024 and some that are here to stay. Either if you choose classic and elegant, or you showcase the latest trends on your wedding cake, the process will be one of the most fun experiences in your wedding planning.


What can be more elegant and timeless than pearls? Fitting in any time of the year or setting, the pearls can be an all by itself design or combined with flowers for a summer wedding .


There is simply no better wedding decoration than flowers, and there is no wedding without flowers. They can elevate or tone down any table setting and cake. We believe that the cakes decorated with flowers will be here to stay. For a more modern look, the flowers’ arrangements take different shapes and combinations. Lush florals in meadows arrangements around the cake took over the wedding world in the last couple of years, so we will be seeing more of those in 2024. Top off the flower meadow look with a white on white cake texture.

Geometric Lines and Textures

In 2024 the lines are moving away from rigid geometric shapes and take much smoother and softer forms. Wavy lines and botanical textures make the most eye-catching details.


While whites and pastels are traditional wedding colors, vibrant colored flowers make an unforgettable focal point, and it stands out even more when framed by soft white of the buttercream. In 2024 we will see more touches of bright floral in wedding palettes.

Mihaela LeCedre, owner and cake artist at Dulcerella Cakes

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