3 tips to grow your baking business -beginners-

You love to bake and make sweet desserts for others, and want to make it into a business, but don’t know where to start?

Here are 3 tips to keep you on track when you get started:

1. Know what you are selling

Make your menu and test your recipes. This menu will grow and change in time, and it can be cake, different cake flavors, desserts, but know exactly what you can make, how much it costs you to make it and how each recipe behaves, it will save you time, ingredients, and stress. And, along the way, it will grow your confidence.

2. Focus on a niche and develop your style

Maybe you heard about this before, and it is harder to do it in the beginning, when you want to make any cake you see and take any order. It is normal in the beginning to copy some designs you like so you can get practice and experience,, but keep in mind what you like to do most: sugar flowers, wedding cakes, carved cakes, birthday cakes, modeling characters etc.

3. Price right

Knowing how much it costs you to make a cake will help you to make at least your money back in the beginning. When pricing, don’t forget to take in consideration, besides costs and time, the overhead, energy, gas, investing in tools and classes. This will be a small portion in the beginning, but it will help you get used to it as the business grows. It seems that will be easier to ask other bakers “How much should I charge?”, but that will not help you in a long run, or will get you a quote that is too small and you work for free, or too high and you can loose the sale.

Mihaela LeCedre, owner and cake artist at Dulcerella Cakes

With over 10 years experience in the baking business, Dulcerella Cakes specializes in wedding and special events cakes. Known for the exceptional taste and for the attention to detail of every cake, Dulcerella Cakes is the leading cake boutique in the Treasure Valley, Idaho.