Month: January 2024

Wedding Cake Planning: Final Month Checklist

It’s your wedding day, and it’s almost here! As the time is drawing close, we put together a checklist to help you finalize the details. You might’ve already planned it all, but it is worth checking to see if you didn’t forget something. We’re here to help your big day go smoothly. At least, as…
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Top 5 Most Popular Wedding Cake Flavors at Dulcerella Cakes

It is no secret that the most delicious part of the wedding planning is the cake tasting! If in the past, the wedding cake was traditionally white, outside and inside, there is so much more flavor to go around, so we thought of ranking our most popular wedding cake flavors. 1. One Night in Idaho…
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2024 Wedding Cake Trends

One of the most popular wedding traditions, the wedding cake, went thru many changes in shape and flavors during the years. In the era of social media and rapid information exchange, the trends are changing even faster. In this post we will share some of the trends that we see rising in 2024 and some…
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