5 things to consider when choosing your wedding cake design

Decisions, decisions, decisions… Maybe you didn’t know that planning your wedding will take this many decisions. While planning the details, a wedding planner might be helpful, I wanted to talk a little bit about how to choose your wedding cake design. Big, small, simple, elegant, opulent or traditional, a simple search on Pinterest will give you many ideas. Maybe as many as being overwhelming. My advice is focus on ideas, but don’t get stuck on a certain design, and let your wedding cake designer gather those ideas in the perfect cake for you!

  1. Your wedding style

What is your style? Rustic, elegant, feminine? A rustic semi naked look will not go best at a black tie affair reception. The same way a heavy luster dusted cake , or a deep color like a navy blue at an outdoor event.

Designer Wedding Cake
Watercolor painting design Wedding Cake

2. The size and style of your venue

A small cake (one tier) will look lost in a large or tall space with high ceiling or a barn. For this choose 3 tiers, or add height with cake stands or high cupcake displays.

3. Your budget

The budget you set up for the cake will be an important factor when choosing a cake design. Detailed elements and sugar flowers are certainly more expensive. Bring your ideas to your cake designer and listen to their professional advice. Be open to different options.

Wedding Cake with Sugar Flowers
3 tiers wedding cake in fucsia and sugar flowers

4. Your wedding cake vendor experience

Not all cake artists or bakers are experienced in all techniques. Check their portfolio to see if they did similar designs, or ask them details of how it will be done. You don’t want to be disappointed on your wedding day because your cake doesn’t look like the picture you provided.

5. Elements from your wedding that you would like to include

It might be the beautiful invitations you chose, or the lace design from your wedding gown, or your wedding colors. Bring these to your cake designer and allow him/her to design something unique just for you!

And remember, enjoy your planning! The goal is to have a wonderful wedding day and a tasty and beautiful cake!

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