What can we expect at a cake tasting

Planning a wedding is a very exciting process, and it can get overwhelming with all the decisions you have to make. I believe the cake tasting is the fun part of the wedding planning, because of course, there is cake! And who doesn’t like cake?

While different bakers handle tastings different, in this article I will describe what you can expect at a cake tasting at Dulcerella.

Because you already have a lot of choices to make in the planning process, I start with the goal in mind of helping you narrow down choices in order to choose what is perfect for you. For the tasting I offer 3 different flavor combinations that you will choose from my list. I will not try to convince you to like lemon cake if you are a chocolate person.

So here are some common questions and their answers:

How long is the appointment?

I reserve usually up to one hour for each appointment, most often an appointment is 20-30 minutes. In this time you will taste cake, ask questions and we will discuss different options.

How do we know what kind of cake we will try?

When you are booking the cake tasting with me, I will ask you to choose 3 combination flavors from my list. The cake slices will look just as your wedding cake will look like.

Why do we have to pay a tasting fee?

A cake tasting requires planning, preparation, baking and ingredients, along with time. While the tasting fee doesn’t cover all these elements, it is kind of a insurance that the customer is serious and not scheduling a cake tasting just for fun.

Should we bring anything with us?

Yes, most definitely! Bring anything that you want to be an inspiration: cake pictures you like, flowers, dress, invitation etc. It will help me see better your vision and your style.

How many people are allowed at the tasting?

The tasting will be set up for 2 people, and there will be extra cake slices to take home, to enjoy later or for family members to try. If you want to bring someone else with you, I would be happy to accommodate it, but no more than 4 people total because of the limited space.

We are not sure what style of cake we would like, do you have examples?

Yes, you can look in my books with display cakes and other wedding cakes. I would be happy to design a cake especially for you.

Do we have to decide and book at the time of the appointment?

The cake will not be booked at the time of the appointment. If you know what you like and want to go ahead with the order I will explain you the details of booking process and I can start it in the same day or following days. And if you need more time to think about it, that is great too!

At the tasting feel free to ask questions, enjoy the cake and have a great time!