Wedding Cake Planning: Fresh Flowers on Your Wedding Cake

There is not a more beautiful finish on your wedding cake than flowers! They can make it or break it. The flowers can add color, or they can tone it down. They can make the cake dramatic, or romantic. They can coordinate with the bridal bouquet and the rest of the wedding flowers.

The safest flowers for a cake are sugar flowers. They can also be pricey, as they are handmade, petal by petal, cut, veined, formed and attached. And that equals time.

When planning the wedding cake, fresh flowers are definitely an option. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing to work with fresh flowers on your cake.

  • If the florist provides the flowers for the cake, you will be dealing with 2 vendors. Ask both of them what is their process for fresh flowers.
  • Your wedding cake is a food product, and not all (or most) of the flowers are food safe. There are flowers that are toxic (example: calla lilies, hellebore, hydrangeas), and even if the flowers are edible (like a rose), most of the commercial sold flowers are sprayed with pesticides. In this case, I suggest asking your cake vendor how they protect the cake.
  • Some flowers will not suit well on the cake, because they will wilt without water over a longer period of time (example: snapdragons, cosmos).

As a cake artist, I love flowers! I love to grow flowers, in order to have options to provide for the cakes I make. I learned and continue to learn about flower arrangements and colors. I also learned how to preserve the flowers so they stay fresh and look best on your cake. Here is how I work with flowers here at Dulcerella Cakes.

The flowers on the cake must be handled by the baker/cake artist (me).

In order to insure the best quality flower arrangement on the cake, if your florist provides the flowers, I would be happy to work with it, with the condition that I will receive the flowers ahead of time (minimum 24 hours). The flowers will be arranged on the cake before delivery (I do not arrange flowers on site).

For safety, the flowers will be sealed with a food safe sealer before being placed/inserted in the cake.

Happy wedding planning!

The cakes in this article are made by Dulcerella Cakes. If you are planning your wedding in Boise, Idaho area, we would love to hear from you. Inquire here.

Mihaela LeCedre, owner and cake artist at Dulcerella Cakes

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