How to choose your wedding cake vendor

You just got engaged and first congratulations are in order! This is a time of excitement, enjoying your new status, sharing the news with friends and family and of course that shiny ring! A tumult of thoughts are coming into your mind: when will be it be? And where? What kind of dress will I wear? Who should I invite? And soon all the excitement might turn into anxiety, and we are here to help! This should be a time of enjoyment and preparation for your big day. You and your fiancee should enjoy your time choosing your wedding vendors!

First thing on the list should be your style and liking and a rough guest count. It will help you narrow down your venue options. Do you want an outdoor or indoor wedding? There are so many beautiful and breathtaking venues in the Treasure Valley! Next are the photographer, flowers and probably the dress.

Don’t leave the cake last, however, as a cake designer we would like to keep in mind a lot of details you will have at your wedding, and a lot of inspiration: flowers, dress and invitation are very good inspiration ideas.

Look up and save lots of ideas for the cake. There are different options for design finishes, from semi naked to fondant.


Start with a budget and have an open mind for different options. A good cake vendor will give you different options that can fit your taste, likings and budget.

Look up cake vendors. See their portfolio and see their work. Read their reviews. And ultimately, schedule a tasting and consultation. This is the best way to see how the cake tastes like and get the general feeling of your cake vendor.

What to look for


Have your cake and eat it too! You want to eat some good cake on your special day, and have your guests rave months after the wedding on how good the cake was.


A wedding cake is a big responsability and you don’t want to find out 2 weeks before the wedding that your baker is not baking cakes anymore. Unpredictable always happen, however, a baker’s work over a long period of time will give you a pretty good idea about their reliability.


Saving some money by having your aunt/ grandmother/ niece bake your cake sounds like a great idea. But would you like them to experiment with your own wedding cake? If they don’t have the knowledge you might have your guests tell the funny story after the wedding: “later the groom found the top tier of the cake on the floor…”

Insurance/Food safety

This is along the lines of experience. You will serves dozens or even hundreds of people at your wedding and you want the food, in particular the cake and desserts to be made by somebody that has food safety knowledge about preparing it and keeping it safe for serving.

With all this in mind, just enjoy the process! We would like to help you, click here to contact us!