Wedding Cake Planning: How much will my wedding cake cost?

When it comes to planing your wedding, one of the questions that will come up when booking any vendor, it will be “What is your budget?” Even if budget is such an un-romantic word related to your wedding, it will dictate any aspect of the wedding: venue, photographer, planner, flowers and of course, cake and desserts.

If generally wedding vendors will have upfront pricing and packages to choose from, when looking for the price of a cake you might not find an exact price. It is not that bakeries try to hide the prices, but the price will depend on a variety of factors.

Here are the main factors that will affect the price of the cake

1. Number of servings

It is said that wedding cakes cost a lot. The main reason that the wedding cakes seem to cost more is that a wedding cake will serve more people than a birthday party, for example. An average wedding guest number is about 100 people, while a birthday party is about 10-15 people. More cake equals more ingredients and baking time, so more cost. Also, the number of tiers you might see in a picture can be done in different sizes, and the number of actual servings will differ.

2. The bakery that will make your wedding cake

Not all bakeries are the same and not all the cakes are the same. A grocery store cake is mass produced with cheap ingredients and put together by a employee that has minimal experience. In comparison, a cake from a smaller owned bakery is an artisan hand crafted product, where the baker is most likely the owner too, and it has the experience to make your cake a success. The cake will be baked from scratch, with quality ingredients. Also, a experienced cake baker will be able to make a design that is especially for you. Remember, your cake can be generic, or it can be a showstopping piece of art.

3. The design of the cake

Simply put, a simple finish buttercream cake will be less costly than elaborate buttercream piping. A cake that has a fondant finish, handpainting, stenciling or molded details, sugar flowers takes way more time and craftmanship, so it will cost more.

Other factors that influence the cost might be the area in the country where you are located, delivery fees, tasting fees, specialty flavors and other.

When planning the wedding cake, start with establishing a realistic budget by taking in consideration the factors I mentioned above. If a slice of cake at a restaurant is roughly $8, you cannot expect your wedding cake to cost $1 per guest. Generally, bakeries have posted a starting price per serving.

Here at Dulcerella, we came up with a budget guide to help you in your initial planning.

Please visit this link to see exact starting price and budget guides for number of guests at Dulcerella Cakes.

Here are some steps to ease your wedding cake planning:

  • Set up a budget number that you cannot go over,
  • Save 3-4 pictures of cakes you like as inspiration
  • Search few bakers in your area(online or referrals) and see their work and their online presence
  • Get some quotes
  • Lastly, schedule a cake tasting with those 1 or 2 that appealed the most to you and fit your budget.

All the cakes in this article are made by Dulcerella Cakes. If you are planning your wedding in Boise, Idaho area, we would love to hear from you. Inquire here.

Mihaela LeCedre, owner and cake artist at Dulcerella Cakes

With over 10 years experience in the baking business, Dulcerella Cakes specializes in wedding and special events cakes. Known for the exceptional taste and for the attention to detail of every cake, Dulcerella Cakes is the leading cake boutique in the Treasure Valley, Idaho.