Wedding Cake trends 2021

We are getting close to ending 2020, a year full of unexpected to say the least. In many places weddings and celebrations were rare, many postponed to next year. I consider myself fortunate to live in a state where many weddings still took place, however with many changes. Let’s take a look at few of the trends that I see coming for the next year

Small Cakes

With the many restrictions on gatherings, many couples still want to go forward celebrating their commitment to each other, and mini weddings will still be a thing in 2021. Nevertheless, a small cake doesn’t have to be boring. You can add textures, colors and bold flower arrangements. If you want to make a statement but you’re afraid to do it, on a small cake, it will not be overwhelming, so my advice is: go for it!

Dessert bar

I love cake! But who doesn’t love a good dessert, like a macaron, cupcake or mini fruit tart? Either because they want a variety of options, or because they want to party the night away and not worry about portioning the cake, many couples choose a dessert bar. The choices are many: cupcakes, macarons, cake shooters, mini fruit tarts, brownies, donughts, you name it! Don’t forget a small cutting cake for the couple!


The biggest trend I see coming in the next years in wedding cakes is color. An all white wedding cake is changing, and bold colors like green, fuchsia or navy will be seen more and more. If you like just a touch of color, try adding it onto borders or florals.

Painted cakes

Wedding cakes are an edible piece of art! We will see more painted wedding cakes coming in such forms as watercolor, cocoa butter, or pallet knife buttercream. The combinations are endless!


From Victorian times with the all-white royal icing decorated fruit cake, wedding cakes have seen many transformations. In 2021, textures such as stone texturing, will replace frills and detailed piping. It can go from soft feminine colors and flowers to more masculine and bold neutrals.

Traditional Cakes

Despite all these new trends, the classic white-tiered cake with fresh flowers is still here to stay. From rustic semi-naked to elegant smooth lines, you can’t go wrong. With the help of your wedding cake professional, thoughtfully coordinated flowers will complete your special event.

All the cakes from this article are made by Dulcerella Cakes. If you are looking for a wedding cake, I would be happy to help!