Do’s and Don’ts of cake tastings and consultations

When shopping for your wedding cake, a tasting and consultation session is very important, and I might compare it with a first date. Not only you and your fiancee will taste the cake to decide what flavor to have for your wedding, but also it is the time to get the vibe from your cake vendor also and see if you’re a good match. You can see the attention and priority he/she gives you now, and that is usually the attention he/she will give to your order. The saying is true: “The way you do one thing, you do everything”.

The process is simple: meet the baker, have some cake, discuss details, sign the contract. Here are some other things you can have in mind when scheduling a tasting.

One of Dulcerella’s signature flavor combinations: double chocolate cake with white chocolate swiss meringue buttercream and fresh raspberries

Do come prepared

Having the venue and the date set is a must. Other details like dress, flowers, theme of the wedding and invitations are very helpful for design inspiration, so bring pictures of them.

Do check the baker’s work ahead

Browsing the portfolio of the baker before booking the consultation is a great idea. As an example: Did they do any tiered cakes before? You certainly don’t want them to test them on you or to have a collapsing cake in the pictures.

Don’t come with an empty stomach

Have a bite before coming to the tasting. A hungry stomach will like anything and lead you to wrong choices.

Do ask questions

Questions about the final look of the cake, food safety certifications, insurance, how many orders the baker takes in one week are just few of them. Any reputable baker should have these available to answer. And all the answers will give you a better idea of how the baker works.

Do have a budget in mind

Going for the cheapest quote you receive might be very tempting, but it might not be the best option. I advise having a budget for your cake/dessert table and choose based on more criteria, such as taste, online reviews, and recommendations from previous customers.

Do have a open mind as far as design

Browsing Pinterest for cake design is very good and informative, and do bring those pictures with you. However, keep in mind that an exact replica/design might not fit with the number of servings you need or budget you have, so keep an open mind.

Don’t try flavors you know you would not like

We recommend selecting 3 flavor combinations from our list, this will help you narrow down what you like to try. There is no point to taste lemon cake if you’re not a big lemon fan.

Do choose according to your preferences

While having family with you might be helpful, and asking which are the most popular flavors, in the end choose what you and your fiancee like, not what you think aunt Violet would like. It is your wedding after all.

Dulcerella’s white vanilla cake with strawberry swiss meringue buttercream

Finally, have fun and enjoy it! There’s cake involved, right?

Find out more details about a tasting at Dulcerella here, or contact us today to schedule one.